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Essentials: Dwyane Wade's Game 6 Fit

By Robert Marshall / Apr 28, 2017 / Sports

Tonight, the Bulls will play their biggest game of the season as they come face-to-face with a first round elimination game against the number one-seeded Boston Celtics at the United Center in Chicago. Dwyane Wade however doesn’t look at it as grimly. A veteran of 11 postseason appearances, the 3-time world champ knows exactly how he needs to approach tonight’s matchup: the same way he approaches every game. “You can’t think about one game from elimination,” Wade told the Chicago Tribune. “You have to focus on what you can control.

You watch the film and control how to play your minutes better, how to help your team, how to give your all the next outing. We’re going home, where we lost the last two. Focus on the game at hand. Don’t focus on it being an elimination game. That does nothing for you.”

Photographer / Anthony Trevino