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Essentials: Dillon Francis

By Helena Yeung / Dec 30, 2016 / Music

Dillon Francis is one of today’s biggest names in EDM. The Los Angeles native got his start DJing at clubs, before Rusko’s “Woo Boost” really inspired him to begin producing. Francis then packed up for a short stint in Atlanta before returning to LA and making “Masta Blasta,” which caught the ears of Diplo and landed him a starring spot on Mad Decent’s lineup.

Under the vast umbrella of EDM, Francis is known for moombahton, and he’s a major player blurring together the lines between dance music and other genres such as hip-hop. “I’ve always been a fan of hip-hop and I love trap music,” said Francis, “I think it’s fun to work with Diplo and Skrillex and push the boundaries, but I believe [music genres] are all going to blur together.” Case in point — “I’m actually working on a song with G-Eazy right now, and it has both the R&B and the super turn up dance part.”

Currently, Dillon is preparing to finish his second album slated for next year. We caught up with him during his Asia tour and got an up close look at his Essentials.

Photographer / RAVI SIDHU