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Essentials: Masaaki Homma

By Rebecca Kim / Apr 16, 2017 / Fashion

From high-profile collaborations with The North Face, F.C.R.B. and Converse just within this year, mastermind has undoubtedly built a solid reputation due to its longstanding legacy within the fashion industry. The Japanese imprint is also celebrating its 20th anniversary, which brought forth a noteworthy capsule collection emblazoned with its signature skull and crossbones design, followed with the launch of a more globally-focused brand. Founder and creative director Masaaki Homma has been the driving force behind the company since the ’90s, while witnessing the ups and downs of streetwear culture both in Japan and abroad. While attending a pop-up event for his most recent partnership, we had the chance to sit down with him and get a closer look at his personal items through our Essentials series.

As expected, a bevy of coveted mastermind goods dominated his everyday necessities, including a checkered flannel shirt and bracelets, along with collaborative pieces like a HUBLOT Big Bang watch, PORTER wallet, iPhone case, plus a camo tee and cap from The North Face Urban Exploration Collection. Other must-haves include gold rings from TENDERLOIN, ASAHI Mintia mints and a IQOS e-cig. Get a closer look through the images above and learn more about Masaaki’s work and vision through our exclusive interview.

Photographer / Amo